Modern authentication

Authentication plays a major role in daily business processes. Business applications and their processes must be easy to use and the access to them must be secure.

When designing and implementing a modern authentication architecture, IT departments are put to the test since projects are increasingly handled beyond the perimeters of the company and location, applications are increasingly provided by or sourced through various cloud models. Access that is independent of place and device is becoming more and more necessary for modern workplace design.

Strong authentication

Access to sensitive information demands the rigorous and sustainable verification of the user's identity in order to purposefully provide the content to the intended group of person. Numerous additional factors are available for the verification.

There are all sorts of integration scenarios available starting with additional user attributes, device information and their management level through one-time passwords to certificates and Smart Cards.

Focal points

  • Authentication architectures for on-premise infrastructures, service provider and various cloud models
  • Comfortable and secure use of one-time password and Smart Card solutions
  • Ensuring comfortable and secure B2B/B2C communication
  • Systematic implementation of inter-company security objectives

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