Authorisation concepts and management

More and more companies are able to ensure end-to-end information protection. This applies also to the specialist area: The latter carries out its business, generating thereby data that it then has to process. This data is then used within and outside the function areas so that a regular exchange of information takes place. High requirements on information protection are placed precisely on that last step.

Information protection through classification and digital rights management

While the employees appreciate the many possibilities of communication and data exchange, these developments cause concern to IT security officers and management. They fear that critical company data could leave the company uncontrolled or migrate to the competition. There are many ways this could happen - the classic way is the unintentional sending via email. Additionally confidential data can leave the company on a USB stick or smartphone or IT data carriers can get lost or be stolen. There are also new dangers such as posting information on social media platforms. The IT department must ensure that the data is protected during all phases - traditional IT security solutions are not always adequate. We will gladly help you implement a classification strategy and implement information protection using a digital rights management system.

Focal points

  • Create and implement authorisation concepts
  • Implementation of Data Owner concepts for granting authorisation
  • Implementation of a classification framework
  • Information protection and digital rights management

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