Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Authentication and authorization under control

IT infrastructures and business requirements are changing in today's world with tremendous speed and diversity. From our expirience the most challenging topics are the service publishings, the associated authentication and authorization. Through our solution architectures, we enable the implementation of single-sign-on scenarios and the targeted-oriented authorization management in this new environment.

Evolutions and changes of this kind require new ways, solution patterns and implementations. For this reason, we have focused on these tasks in order to offer our customers the best advice. We support our customers in the selection of the optimal architecture, the target-oriented introduction, the implementation up to the operation.

Our objectives

It is important for us to provide the optimal application publishing, authentication and authorization for our customers.
The main difference to get a competitive advantage is made by the factors of "time to market" and the usability of the service or application portfolio for customers and partners. Our solution architectures help to implement precisely these factors in order to equip your company for these tasks. Optimized use of cloud services ensures that the company and their employees can work exclusively on their core business.

What our customers appreciate

We work in an established way on our cloud solutions and architectures, with the focus on Identity & Access management and the view for the big picture. Our specialists have extensive expertise in the areas of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite, Office 365 and Azure Management and Security Services.

Focal points

  • Strategy and implementation of identity and access management, as well as identity protection for private, hybrid or public cloud models
  • Provide a user- and classification-oriented information protection strategy
  • Implementation of a management solution for mobile devices and applications
  • Introduction of Office 365 services with the appropriate identity and access management
  • Clear and sustainable adoption of interfaces and service principles

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