Identity Management

Identity Management


Identity and access management links processes, technologies and guidelines to manage digital identities and defines how these are used to access resources. In particular identities and the associated access rights quickly become the focus of increased automation or the observance of compliance guidelines for the next audit.

The main advantage of an Identity Management System is that data integrity is ensured. In essence that means: The correctness of the identity information is ensured and the correct functioning of independent systems is guaranteed.

The role of identities is growing continuously and the result is the increased importance of data protection since more and more personal information is stored in information systems. Controlling the access to customer and employee information is not simply good business practice. A company that makes a mistake in this area faces substantial financial and legal liability claims.

Focal points

  • Process Analysis and Visualisation
  • Introduction of an identity management system to support and protect your processes
  • System and application integration with modern interface technologies
  • Introduction of self-service solutions
  • Design and implementation of central and local identity providers
  • Management of cloud identities and the associated application ecosystem

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